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Information Junction was founded by Karl Venter and Matthew West in 2008.

Karl Venter

Karl has a talent for combining strategic vision with technical and practical solutions to serve clients’ needs. He sees things in terms of whole, complex systems from a human perspective where knowledge is much more powerful than the sum of the data. He has experience in the oil and gas, and rail industries, working for both software development companies and end user companies.

Matthew West

Matthew has decades of experience in information management where he has been at the forefront of thinking on data quality, data modelling, master data management, business intelligence, enterprise architecture and ontology. He worked for Shell from 1978, and since 1987 on the computing/business interface. He has made a leading contribution to a number of ISO standards for data and information, including ISO 15926, ISO 18876, and ISO 8000. Matthew is the author of "Developing High Quality Data Models".


We work with a number of associates, each of whom is world class in their field.

Who we are